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[edit] Crossovers and Meta-connections

JJ Abrams seems to have his own alternate reality, where everything is connected, in some way, no matter how obvious or obscure. This page is a repository of Non-Startrek movie references in other works of JJ's (and vice versa).

[edit] Tagruato Corp. (Cloverfield)

Tagruato Launches First Satellite

When asked why he overruled the abort command, Yoshida said, “Because here at Tagruato, we don’t let lightning stand in the way of achieving our goals. In this case that goal was reaching for the stars.”

Yoshida could not be more specific as to what “reaching for the stars” entails, but assured us, “It will be big.”

Bold Futura recently announced that one billion Yen will be allocated towards space research. “The future of man depends on our ability to spread outwards into the universe. At Tagruato, we want to be the first to take you there,” Yoshida added.”

Hatsui Satellite Works for the Futura

Future plans for the Bold Futura space program are still under wraps. Although with the success of Hatsui and ample funds dedicated to development and galactic research, it is certain to be big. Added Yoshida, "Our first step into space was a triumphant one. Our next will be unforgettable."

Appearance in the movie.
A sign of Tagruato was sighted at a building in the trailer to Star Trek:

[edit] Slusho (Cloverfield)
A mysterious drink, produced by Tagruato Corp. According Slusho will be making an appearance in the Star Trek movie [1].

[edit] Other yet unconnected Abrams franchises

  • Fringe
  • Lost
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