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[edit] Malak0


[edit] Malak0: Profile

Public profiles:

[edit] April 20, 2009

Malak0 sends an email to many people:

date 20. April 2009 15:24
subject ASSEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assez, c'est assez. Puisque personne ne réalise à quel point cet appareil est 
stupéfiant, je vais en faire une vidéo pour vous le montrer. Peut-être que l'un 
de vous est assez intelligent et mature pour me dire comment le mettre en marche, 
que je puisse retrouver son vrai propriétaire. Je sais qu'aucun d'entre vous ne 
l'est puisque vous avez tous cru à ma fausse description de la couleur. Je 
publierai la vidéo demain ou dans les prochains jours.


(Ni Robau, ni Kirk, ni Ca, ni un homme d'un OVNI, ni Nero- je m'appelle Malak0)>:O 


date 20. April 2009 15:24
subject ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough, this is enough. Since no one realizes stunning this device is, I'm going 
to make a video to show you. Maybe if one of you is smart and mature enough to 
tell me how to make it public, I can find out its true owner. I know that none of 
you are since you all believed my false description of the color. I'll publish 
the video tomorrow or in the next few days. 


(Not Robau, not Kirk, not Ca, not a man of an OVNI, not Nero- My name is Malak0)>:O

[edit] April 21, 2009

[edit] Device


"Oh no."
"Oh, yes."
"It's good?"
"Yes, yes, yes, it's good."
"Well, I'm making this video for people on the Internet. The other day I was at Cafe Presles near Rue de la Federation and Rue de Presles. And a man was running down the street. He fell down on the road right next to where I was sitting and dropped something behind himself which I picked up.
(Camera moves to object)
Well, it's a sort like a PDA, a laptop I think. A kind of screen and some button. Well I put a message online and I had lots of responses from people who were interested, some even offered money. I'm looking for the person this belongs to, who is the owner, to arrange a way to return it. I'm sure he'd like to get the device back.
(Malak0 picks up the object)
(Turns object over, shows underside)
There's a plug on the back, and several buttons.
(Flips object over)
And I later I succeeded at — more buttons — I succeeded in turning it on. It turns on when I tap it here.
(Device turns on)
Some lights flash. But there seems to be some sort of battery problem that's affecting it, because I can't get any further. It seems to work for an instant. It's also very heavy. I think there's information inside it that is very important to the owner. So, I imagine that this person will want to recover it. It looks quite expensive. Contact me to recover it and to make an arrangement.
"Stop it now."
"Stop it."
Hosted at pixum
Hosted at pixum
  • On the back of the device is a QR Code. At the point the video was released, there was no angle clear enough to decode.
  • Later Malak0 took the QR Code and sent pics of it to players. (see QRCodes)

[edit] April 30, 2009

[edit] Device

Here is a recording of the tones emitted by the device, taken from the end of the Youtube video: Device_tones.wav

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