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[edit] Attempts at cracking the puzzle

[edit] Aliotsy's attempt

Basically, 1 pixel border around the outside. APUS, unrotated, in the upper left. PHOENIX, rotated 90 degrees, in the upper right. CHAMAELEON, rotated 180 degrees, in the lower right. INDUS, rotated 270 degrees, in the lower left.

Aliotsy's attempt was based on the following clues/assumptions:

  • We know the position and rotation of CHAMAELEON based on the ContainTheThreat email: 180 degrees, upper left corner of rotated QR code at (13,13).
  • Using the numchar theory, NAME:XX-YY gives us coordinates as follows: (XX, (YY - numchar(NAME))). So, for example, APUS:01-05 would be located at (01, (05- numchar(APUS))), or (01, (05 - 04)), or (01,01). All the coordinates: APUS (01,01), PHOENIX (01,13), CHAMAELEON (13,13), INDUS (13,01).
  • Assumed the ordering of the constellations is based on the Greek letter associated with their corresponding Chat Gang member: since INDUS is associated with PHPChatUser1 (alpha), INDUS comes first, followed by CHAMAELEON, PHOENIX, and APUS. INDUS is located in the lower left hand corner, and ordering proceeds counter-clockwise.
  • Assumed rotation proceeds in a clockwise order, since CHAMAELEON has rotation of 180 degrees. So APUS is 0 degrees, PHOENIX is 90 degrees, and INDUS is 270 degrees.
  • Assumed each constellation's associated coordinate is where the upper left-hand corner of the rotated QR code sits.

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