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[edit] Speculation

Speculation by the user LoneStranger.


[edit] PHPChatUsers

  • The chat users are probably one of two things:
    • Romulans helping Nero
    • Federation/Starfleet personnel trying to save the world.
  • The users could be from different Star Trek races. User 1 is probably a Klingon.
  • Who killed 'Ca'?

[edit] AliceForrest700

  • I think she's IG, in the sense that she's giving us clues as to where to pay attention to that day.
    • She mentioned Facebook after Sargarsh had created his account, and a few hours before we found it.

[edit] Constellation Codes

  • The codes are likely the frequency correction data. Not sure exactly how they correct, but it may be as simple as replacing the first set of numbers with the second.

[edit] Crash Site

  • The crash was probably a small shuttlecraft.
  • The ship either sustained little damage and flew off, or is currently cloaked.
    • if it's cloaked, they'll probably come back for it.
    • Not sure why they would leave markings on the ground and then leave the crash site.
  • The markings are 232 with "fr" between two wavy lines. The wavy lines likely mean 'wavelength' and the 232 is probably a frequency.

[edit] 232 fr

  • Somewhere in the future we'll have to 'tune into' something to get the data or decode, and 232 is likely the key.

[edit] Saturday Transmissions

PHPChatUser5: Just worry about sending the test signals, and the rest of your research. Keep in mind that even their WPANs can pick this up in those areas, so keep it coded.

I believe, based on previous chat, that their Twitter accounts are the 'Access Points' and that when they make their test signals, it will be on Twitter. Whatever is sent will need to be decoded, likely into QR scancodes.

PHPChatUser3: I have more important news. I think I've got a package from "Ca". He must have known that he was in trouble when he sent it. It includes the correction for the frequency. With this fix, we only need the waveform and the destination to align it, and we can try again.

The package is probably the results from the QR scancode from the device that Malak0 has, CHAMAELEON:13-23. See above. The waveform is probably on the device in Malek0's possession, based on the next line in the chat:

PHPChatUser5: Yeah, well some idiot has Ca’s comm. unit. So how do you plan to get the waveform?

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