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[edit] Speculation

There has been some speculation regarding the data decoded from the QR scancodes.

[edit] Confirmed codes so far

  • APUS:01-05
  • CHAMAELEON:13-23
  • INDUS:13-06 (April 23rd 21:00 GMT)

[edit] Other Constellations

The words 'APUS and 'CHAMAELEON' (notice this is not spelled Chameleon) refer to real life constellations. Both of these constellations were named in Petrus Plancius' collection based upon animal names.

Other constellations in this series include:

  • Dorado
  • Grus
  • Hydrus
  • Indus
  • Musca
  • Pavo
  • Phoenix
  • Triangulum Australe
  • Tucana
  • Volans

[edit] B-Class star Theory

Note: This theory has been debunked with the third code discovery, but we leave this here in case it leads to a similar theory.

Each of the PHPChatusers has a Greek alphabet letter attached to them.

  • PHPChatUser1=Alpha
  • PHPChatUser2=Beta
  • PHPChatUser3=Gamma
  • PHPChatUser4=Delta
  • PHPChatUser5=Epsilon.

Johann Bayer used the same lettering system to identify stars in the constellations. In the constellation APUS which came from PHPChatUser5 aka Epsilon, the Epsilon star is a B class star. In CHAMAELEON the clue from PHPChatUser2, the B class star is Beta.

The length of the name correlates with the numbers after the colon, and could be a possible checksum.

Based on those items the remaining stars with B type stars in the Johann Bayer/Petrus Plancius grouping is as follows:

  • Alpha
    • DORADO
    • GRUS
    • MUSCA
    • PAVO
  • Gamma
    • GRUS
    • MUSCA
  • Delta
    • TUCANA

[edit] Possible Codes

Based upon the complete theory, we have this list (Thanks to MistySteele's efforts) of all possible permutations:

  • APUS:01-05 TUCANA:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 DORADO: 24-30 GRUS:31-35
  • APUS:01-05 TUCANA:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 DORADO:24-30 MUSCA:31-36
  • APUS:01-05 TUCANA:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 GRUS:24-28 MUSCA:29-34
  • APUS:01-05 TUCANA:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 MUSCA:24-29 GRUS:30-34
  • APUS:01-05 TUCANA:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 PAVO:24-28 GRUS:29-33
  • APUS:01-05 TUCANA:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 PAVO:24-28 MUSCA:29-34
  • APUS:01-05 DORADO:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 GRUS:24-28 TUCANA:29-35
  • APUS:01-05 DORADO:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 MUSCA:24-29 TUCANA:30-36
  • APUS:01-05 DORADO:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 TUCANA:24-30 GRUS:31-35
  • APUS:01-05 DORADO:06-12 CHAMAELEON:13-23 TUCANA:24-30 MUSCA:31-36

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